Lilah Rivers
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 344

After her parents' death, Malinda Carter decides she will not fall victim to the hardships of her new reality. She lives with her much younger sister, Casey, feeling weighed down with the responsibility of raising her on her own, seeing no other option but to become a mail-order bride. Not long after answering a sheriff's ad, a different local candidate, Lester, appears out of nowhere, puzzling her over her decision. Malinda's first glimpse of him takes her breath away and she can't ignore her interest in getting to know him better. To her disappointment though, Lester won't open up his heart and let her in, shattering her dreams and hopes. Will she find the courage to claim the happiness she deserves, next to the man she has chosen?Having already experienced abandonment by his parents and by the woman he thought he would spend his life with, Lester finds himself lonely, losing his zest ...
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