Louise Davidson
Publisher: The Cookbook Publisher
Pages: 187

The art of baking pies has never been so easy with this collection of over 110 pie recipes, you'll be able to try new flavor combinations or go for all the classic favorites!Download FREE with Kindle Unlimited!There’s nothing like the scent of freshly baked pie in the kitchen, but the days when baking a homemade pie signaled a special occasion are gone. Many of us look back to that tradition with fondness, remembering those pies as the number one comfort food. Those were the days when mom or grandma had painstakingly prepared a special pie packed with love and deliciousness. But those who have baked pies from scratch know the rewarding joy that comes with making one. Some say there is something almost spiritual about baking pies. Every bite of homemade pie seems to impart the maker’s love and devotion. This is perhaps why old-fashioned, home-baked pies come with so many warm, fuzzy ...
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