Ash Lingam
Publisher: Lawless Waters Publishing Co.
Pages: 259

Nobody can “play God without getting friendly with the devil.”For four decades ghost-like Tonkawa cousins, Tuc and Potak, have exacted deadly revenge against the Comanche Indians. Whether it be working for the Texas Rangers and Capt. Bates or for the Army back in the day of Buffalo Hump during the height of the Comanche Conflict. Suddenly when it appears most of their adversaries have been escorted to reservations, a lone renegade with more grit than most, Raven, is committed to doing what his forefathers could not — kill the last remaining enemies of the Penateka Comanche.Raven recruits the help of a thirty-man war party from a reservation in the southwestern Oklahoma Territories. The aging Tonkawa enlist the aid of an old Army friend, Lt. Davie Hart, a soldier who had been as mean as a grizzly bear. After he left the Army, Hart worked as a marshal and a sheriff, bouncing from one town ...
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