Jack Smith
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 78

Vampires aren't real. But at one point in the 70s, in California, a man who had a penchant for drinking human blood and killing his victims terrorized the city of Sacramento. Here is his story.Download FREE with Kindle Unlimited!Richard Trenton Chase Jr., otherwise known as the Sacramento Vampire, terrorized California during the 1970s. He brutalized, killed, and even ate his victims. But what stood out most in the public’s imagination was his penchant for drinking their blood, like a modern-day vampire. The truth is, Chase was a severely disturbed individual. Some killers are cold-blooded monsters, some simply have terrible impulse control—but others are completely deranged. Chase fits into that category.Since he was diagnosed with severe mental illness, it remains debatable how cognizant—and how culpable—Chase was of what he was doing.Prosecutors later highlighted several aspects of ...
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