Nadine Taylor
Publisher: Taylor-Fox Publishing
Pages: 225

Friendly, readable, and chock full of fascinating information on green tea’s health benefits, Green Tea: The Natural Secret to a Healthier Life is backed by five decades of published scientific studies. Also included is a fun look at green tea’s history, customs, ceremonies, and safety, plus some great recipes. You’ll head straight for the teapot and start brewing! “Even with my interest in alternative therapies, I was not aware of the wealth of research into the benefits of green tea. I’ve always liked tea, but this book made me a more enthusiastic tea drinker!” - Alexander Mauskop, MD; author of The End of Migraines: 150 Ways to Stop Your Pain“A fascinating, comprehensive book about the history and health advantages of green tea. While I’ve enjoyed and preferred green tea for many years, I now have a scientific basis for doing so.” - Sheldon Zablow, MD, author of Your Vitamins are ...
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