Bud Gordon
Publisher: MAHA KIDS
Pages: 134

What if you find out that bilingual children find solutions to difficult situations easier and have a better memory? What if you find out that bilingual children have more “flexible” brains; it is easier for them to make new friends, and their chances of finding high-paying, successful jobs increase many times over? You must admit, speaking two languages as a native speaker is a cool thing! What if you find out that your child's future success is half up to you? And finally, what if I tell you that you can make your child bilingual by yourself? In our time, bilingualism is not a gift from God or a special skill, it has already become commonplace. There are millions of bilingual children books nowadays to be found. But almost all of them will not give the desired effect if you do not use special techniques and methods that will help the child learn a second language much more easily. For ...
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