Mel Erickson
Publisher: Mel Erickson
Pages: 67

Has your child been impacted by death?How can you offer help when your own heart is breaking?This little handbook is written to equip you with child-friendly language and engaging activities that enable you and your child to navigate grief together. It is packed with ideas you can use as soon as you have read it the first time through. Childhood bereavement has long been a critical issue. Why? Because unresolved childhood grief is a major cause of later problems in school, relationship issues, depression, risk-taking behaviors, and suicide. For a child under 10, the death of someone in the family can impact emotional wellbeing for life. A child needs help to understand what they are experiencing after a death, to tell and retell their story, to express their feelings, and above all to know someone cares. All these things are “griefwork” and are essential to recovery.The author, a social ...
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