Danny Lenihan
Publisher: Broken Earth (April 7, 2021)
Pages: 18

Jaxon Leith was sleeping, with no plans to wake up, or leave his apartment.An unexpected knock at the door starts him on a journey through The Bleeds with his friend, Mylo, to meet a mysterious girl.As he sits and waits in the pub, a huge man, full of rage, enters and heads straight for a tiny woman in the corner of the bar.If Jaxon doesn’t help, he’ll kill her. He steps up to protect her, and everything goes black.Six hours later he wakes up in a cell, cold, in pain and alone.A Knock At The Door is a tale of suspense and chance, as a single moment in time changes Jaxon’s life forever.The second in a series of short stories, prequel to Danny Lenihan's debut novel, Rogue, coming to bookstores in May 2021.
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4.5 stars from 6 ratings
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