Jesse K. Wright
Publisher: BCG Publishing
Pages: 348

A powerful story that will help you see that in all walks of life, who you are as a leader, as a teammate, and as a person is equally as important as what you know.What if you had access to a resource that combined research, over two decades of industry experience, and the power of storytelling to help you inspire others, develop genuine connections, and stand out amongst your peers? What if a simple parable could help you to understand that a truly impactful, lasting presence in your profession involves having more than intelligence, degrees, certifications, or licenses?The Intent Is To Grow is a fictional tale about a young coach, Nathan Day, who is beginning his new role at a major university. Upon his arrival on campus, he embarks on a week-long, life-altering orientation program. He meets with a with a group of mentors that contribute to his long-term professional development in ...
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