Kal Smagh
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 129

Liverpool, England, late 1962…Hilarious whodunit with quirky characters for fans of the Beatles, Golden Girls and Murder She Wrote. A clean, fun read!The Cozy Beatles Mystery series is definitely a page turner!Helen Spencer needed help...it’s 1962, she’s smart, and needed a job. She got one...They’re colossally talented and needed a break. She feels awkward in their fast moving show business world...they’re cheeky, confident and popular. It was all going great for Helen...thrilled to meet the Beatles...answer their fan club mail...attend their electric concerts...until the robbery...who stole the lyrics to their upcoming recording...days before their session??Helen finds herself in the middle of a police investigation headed by a Liverpool police inspector who is doubtful of her story...but the Beatles help her to set a trap...an exciting, pulse pounding, heart-racing time to be alive ...
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4.5 stars from 20 ratings
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