Adela Ramos Holguín
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 184

Let’s face it: with all of the information out there on the world of cryptocurrency, it can all be COMPLETELY confusing. Trust me, I’ve been there.I’ve made every mistake you could make:-Invested in platforms I didn’t understand-Started Bitcoin mining without knowing what to do-Lost THOUSANDS of dollars in bad investments, being greedy, and not paying attention to the marketsAt this point, you’re probably asking yourself...Why should I listen to this guy?This book talks how to avoid all of the early pitfalls that I and many other rookies fell for, so you don’t have to follow in our footsteps.What if you could avoid the early problems of tackling crypto, cut the learning curve in half, and start PROFITING FASTER?Want to know the INSIDER TIPS and TRICKS to MAXIMIZE your crypto gains?Want to take your crypto portfolio to the NEXT LEVEL?With this guide, you can leverage crypto to your ...
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