Adela Ramos Holguín
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 212

The guidance you need to go from absolute beginner to artisanal bread baker!Discover how anyone can combine flour, yeast, water, and salt to create hot and delicious bread in the comfort of your own kitchen. Filled with straightforward guidance, Bread Bakery is the ideal bread cookbook for new bakers.Complete with step-by-step photographs and instructions, this beautiful bread baking guide offers a tasty collection of recipes for kneaded, no-knead, and enriched breads. In addition to important info on everything from prep and proof times to key terminology and kitchen essentials, you’ll also get must-have tips for troubleshooting bread baking issues.From total scratch to your very first batch, this bread cookbook includes:Knead to know―Discover the science behind the bread baking process, popular techniques, and the tools needed to bake fluffy, flavorful loaves.Stepping scones―Level up ...
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