Nina K. Westra
Publisher: Nina K. Westra
Pages: 114

An enemies to lovers fantasy romance for fans of Sarah J. Maas! Night elves stab first and ask questions later. Novikke has never seen one in person, and she’s inclined to keep it that way.As a member of the Ardanian army, Novikke has no love for night elves. Her people and theirs have been at odds for centuries thanks to the elves’ penchant for violence and hatred of humans. Every citizen of Ardani knows not to approach their land: a vast forest made of shadows and magic that eats outsiders alive.So when she’s taken prisoner by Aruna, a night elf with too-perceptive eyes and a frightening, otherworldly visage, she has little hope of surviving.But when he shows her unexpected compassion, Novikke begins to see her captor in a new light—and starts to question everything she thought she knew about his mysterious people. Beneath his quiet, cold exterior lies a wry wit and a surprising sense ...
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