Linda St. Pe'-Coplin
ASIN: B0932GT5B3
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 107

♥ You Can Retire Inspired! ♥What If Your Retirement Years Were the BEST Years of Your Life?We’ve all met the person who thinks high school or college was the high-water mark of life. Don’t let that be you! After the 9 to 5 routine stops controlling your life, you have the greatest opportunity you’ll ever have to shape your days – and your legacy.You may be wondering what to do after retirement. Most retirement books deal with the financial side. But isn’t it even more important to plan to make the coming years some of the best days of your life? Shouldn’t retirement planning be about purpose and fulfillment, not just cashflow?Consider this shocking statistic. Researchers asked people over age 95 what they would do differently if they could turn back time. More than 80% said they would:① Risk more② Reflect more③ Do more significant things.Now Linda St.Pe’-Coplin offers a powerful ...
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