Alice May Ball
ASIN: B093CJ258G
Publisher: TzR Publishing
Pages: 70

Damaged media billionaire collides with feisty young gig workerRam SteedStiff, rigid. Hot as hell, women fall at his feet, but steely cold and determined on the inside, Ram has no time for love. He has his path set and his head fixed on business. Until bouncy Ella spills oil under his wheels.Ella FarrowElla needs to work every gig shift she can get. Struggling to make ends meet, she still wants to help her sister out with childcare.When the diamond-hard glint of Ram’s eye fixes her, she can’t stop herself rising to the challenge and showing him what he’s missing out on.But if she pushes too hard, she could easily fall herself.They’ll have to struggle hard against stiff resistance to breakthrough. Can they hold tight and grip hard enough to stay the course until they reach their happy-ever-after ending?Guaranteed to give you hot, tingly thrills and fast, hard twists, and guaranteed ...
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