Etta Foster
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 495

She was the one thing he thought he would never have. How far can he go to keep the woman he now cannot bear to lose? They say some things are not for Men to tame. They already have tamed so much. Horses, iron, metal. Yet, never will they be able to do so with one’s heart. Alfonso Honts knows this to his very bones. For years he has worked with horses and has shaped iron into useful tools. Alas, his heart is a different matter, as it beats for lady Claire Donouvan, the daughter of the richest rancher in Pueblo, Colorado. He is doomed to look at her from afar, and love what he can never have. There is nothing to tether them together. Or so Alfonso thinks…When Claire Donouvan comes to him one day, requesting he teaches her how to ride a horse away from prying eyes, Alfonso cannot believe his luck. Against his better judgment and with a long-harbored love to drive him, he and Claire begin ...
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