Lydia Olson
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 369

From Boston to rugged Colorado, Pauline never imagined that family can be found so many miles from home. How can she fight the uphill battle that stands between her and her destiny?Pauline is a young rich woman who loves reading as an escape from her reality. When her family arranges a marriage with an older man who is after her money, she flees. She becomes a mail-order bride, and on this ranch in Colorado, Pauline meets her destiny. But she deliberately hides her origins from her husband. How can she open her heart and fall in love?Denver is an isolated rancher who lives with his brothers in a secluded ranch. When he realizes that time's running away, he seeks for a bride just so he can keep his family and ranch in check. He never expected though he'd meet a woman like Pauline. Soft around the edges but definitely a hard case to crack, she's determined to guide him out of oblivion. ...
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