Captivating History
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Pages: 106

To discover the full story of Rome’s rise to become the mightiest empire the world has known and the astounding little-known facts about how it fell into utter ruin, keep reading.Free History BONUS Inside!It is probably the greatest story in all history: how the people in a tiny village on the Tiber River took over the entire known world of its day and developed brilliant literature, buildings, armies, roads, and laws that we still talk about thousands of years later. This great empire was strong and invincible at its height, yet it eventually fell. How was that possible? Did these great people become soft? Were the rulers too greedy? Were the tens of thousands of their slaves a poor economic foundation for long-term survival? Did the astounding depravity and public debauchery of some of their best-known emperors undermine the moral presence and force of Rome?In careful detail, this ...
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