Patricia Morais
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 70

Tides already took the Portuguese hearts by storm, now it’s time to become an English best seller. The already four-times-published fantasy author, Patricia Morais, is making her debut in English.FAMILY DRAMA…FORBIDDEN LOVE…A HIDDEN-WORLD…Years before Lilly Ashton was recruited, Ada Hughes had already caught the eye of the demon hunters. But what led Ada, the quiet and sweet girl from Diabolus Venator, to be recruited to fight supernatural creatures?When children start to go missing in a fishing town, Ada Hughes fears for her two little brothers’ safety. Tide Springs was never really safe for them but she has a plan to escape their toxic family environment.While battling her own loneliness and ignoring her forbidden love, Ada is faced with one more unexpected twist. Mythological beings and an ancient demon-hunting order will change her life forever.She is suddenly afflicted with ...
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