Kali Hart
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 57

Bentley: Heroes of Daisy Hills Book 3A Curvy Woman Alpha Hero Romance.ReeseI moved to Daisy Hills on a whim with my best friend after I found out the guy I was dating was married—to two other women.For the past year and a half, I’ve been rebuilding a life I have come to adore.I’m not only the photographer for the local newspaper, I’m also scheduled to shoot my first of what I hope is many weddings.If only I could find that special someone to settle down with.But despite my efforts, my dates have all been duds.At least the mountainside location of Daisy Hills also allows me to pursue my passion of nature photography.It’s this passion that gets me into trouble.When a trail says it’s closed because of a bear encounter, my advice is to take the sign seriously.If I had, I woudln't need rescuing.The only thing that saves me from being a bear’s snack is the incredibly sexy--and cold--park ...
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