Joey Barnes
Publisher: Kindle Direct Publishing
Pages: 107

This is my 4th book in the 10-book series; Winter Roads: Dream Team the year 2012. Which was a busy year with high-risk adventures long after the Winter Roads had been closed by the government. Plus, I was officially done working a “real job” which allowed me to return to my life as the King of Obsolete. By the end of 2012, I had signed my Hollywood contract that was going to make me rich and famous which I am still waiting almost 10 years later. Being a single parent, my young teenage daughter Xena, got to grow up enjoying my adventures. But without all the mis-adventures and fun, I would have never gotten on the TV show Ice Road Truckers for my 15 seconds of fame around the world. These Winter Road books are written through the covid 19 lock downs April to September 2021. I also credit the lock downs for bettering myself with being able to write and have Amazon feature my books around ...
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