Bex Taylor
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 61

She was never meant to be the lightStory becomes legend. Legend becomes myth. The truth is often lost in the shadows. A secret never to be spoken. A story of light and dark, of loss and hope.A story of how one woman embraced the shadow and became a Queen.When Senka’s secret is revealed, and she is accused of killing her father, she has no choice but to embrace who she is if she is to survive the aftermath of the summer king’s death. Fleeing the only home that she has ever known, she must find her own place in Dresha. A world where the darkness is not welcomed, and shadows are feared. Her power makes her an outcast. Her tainted blood curses her magic. Betrayed, alone, and broken with rage. Senka finally becomes who she is destined to be. The dawn of The Shadow Queen has arrived, and she will be all Dresha will fear.The Shadow Queen is a short prequel to the world of the Dresha Fae, where ...
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