Dr. N. Elkhadragy
ASIN: B0942V9B3V
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 60

The key to getting kids to understand science isn't to dumb it down... it's to make it fun and relatable. Read on to discover the secret. With the increasing focus of the education system on reading and math, science grades have taken a knock. Indeed, some studies suggest that half of all students lack a fundamental understanding of science… and that’s a worrying statistic. Science -- and chemistry in particular -- is the key to understanding the world, and it’s every bit as important as learning to read and balance numbers. So how can you engage your kids and help them understand the world better? The answer is simple: by making it fun. Can your kids honestly say that they enjoy science lessons? Are they interested enough to ask questions and develop their understanding? The chances are, science lessons aren’t their favorite part of school life. There’s a lot to remember, and until you ...
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