Stephen McGrann
ASIN: B09465KPG4
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 360

Each volume of True Crime Case Files is available individually for $2.99. At just $5.99 this three volume anthology is an unmissable bargain!VOLUME 4Beverly McGowan: a woman writes to her family to bid them farewell. Bev suddenly leaving her family for good didn't make any sense. Little did her family know that they were being played by one of the most notorious conmen in history.Brittany Phillips: when a young college student is found brutally murdered, her mother embarks on a years long struggle to bring the perpetrator to justice.Joanne Ratcliffe and Kirsty Gordon: when two little girls disappear from a football game in Australia, the odds of ever finding them alive appear to be slimJulie Dart: Julie dreamed of joining the British Army, but a run in with one Michael Sams would leave her hopes and dreams dashed for goodMuriel McKay: when the wife of a high-flying tabloid executive is ...
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