Brigadier General Y.S
ASIN: B09472K2YZ
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 200

One of the world's leading managers in the field of Artificial Intelligence unveils the secrets to creating synergy between human and artificial intelligence that will revolutionize our world.Today, we are merely at the threshold of the acceleration of the Digital Era. But what will happen in the coming years, when artificial intelligence (AI) is going to dramatically change the world? A machine can use big data to generate information better than humans. However, a machine can’t understand context, doesn’t have feelings or ethics, and can’t think ‘out of the box’. Therefore, rather than prioritize between humans and machines, we should create The Human-Machine Team, which will combine human intelligence and artificial intelligence, creating a ‘super cognition’.Brigadier General Y.S, an expert analyst, technology director, commander of an elite intelligence unit, and winner of the ...
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