Paulette Rigo
Publisher: PGR Solutions
Pages: 308

How To Prepare and Thrive Through the Hardest Chapter of your LifeA humble note to all women who have endured years of unhappiness and are considering divorce.Right now, you may be thinking...How am I going to get through this? Can our marriage be saved?Will I lose everything? How to divorce peacefully?How do I minimize the damage to the children?These are the questions that have been asked by many and the truth is, divorce always has some level of pain before the pain subsides. But if you can arm yourself with the education, emotional guidance, legal support, and skills to become more confident in your decision-making abilities. Then you can begin to rewrite your story, heal your emotional scars, and ultimately thrive forward from this experience.Introducing the Better Divorce Blueprint. The essential guide for how to get through a divorce that will educate, inspire and empower women ...
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