Adam D. Korik
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 108

Have you tried many times to lose weight, only to gain it all back again, and even more? Do you want you to have a beautiful figure and be your dream weight, but at the same time not have to diet and torture yourself?Even for those who really want to lose weight and look sexy and who put in a lot of effort, it is very difficult not to break loose, especially when there are so many temptations around!But gaining excess weight can lead to a whole series of other problems, both with health and your personal perception of the world, and, accordingly, your self-esteem.The author of the book was very overweight, and had a whole range of diseases:✓ Type 2 diabetes✓ Grade three hypertension✓ Gout✓ Retinal detachment with the threat of complete loss of vision✓ Arthritis and more…The author shares his own examples and experiences, and what changes happened to him in the process of losing 70 ...
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