Nadia Marshall
ASIN: B094Q39K1W
Publisher: Mudita Institute
Pages: 86

Are you starting out on your Ayurvedic nutrition and cooking journey and feeling confused or overwhelmed? You've come to the right place.This great introductory book will give you all of the fundamental information you need to know about Ayurveda to understand it with ease (and nothing you don't need to know!). It will then detail 8 proven guidelines for promoting a more balanced digestive fire to help heal your digestion and strengthen your metabolism. The problem with most Ayurvedic books and cookbooks is they get far too complicated far too quickly and tend to intimidate or scare off even the most enthusiastic explorer. The approach to Ayurvedic diet and nutrition laid out in this book is a little different. Rather than concentrating entirely on a body type diet with complicated food charts, it focuses on an approach to eating that is appropriate for ALL body types and will help ...
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