Lisa Nezneski
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 222

I’m lying on a gurney in the ER. I could be dying. And I don’t want to miss my life.Change is not easy, but deliberate change is empowering. It just feels like hell going through it.Nothing is different until you are. Waking up to questioning how this happened was the beginning of Lisa Nezneski’s journey into developing the Seven Mindful Questions—a change management tool and so much more.Author of Grounded in Chaos: Leaning into Adversity, Learning Joy, the Seven Mindful Questions looks at where you’re wasting time and repeating mistakes and will help you to align your actions with what matters in your life–your personal core foundation.Small changes in how your work with the questions can lead to  exponential transformation.Don’t miss your life!Join Lisa in this mindful journey to stop wasting time, redirect your mind, and focus on what matters.
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