Q. Zayne, Quin Zayne
Publisher: Hughes Enterprise
Pages: 439

4 edgy, scary-hot romances in one scorching bargain volume! Each masterful, damaged hero finds his spirited curvy match. But it's a rough road to true love."Hot & steamy just like I've come to know about Q. Zayne reads but there's also a romantic story here & a bit of a thriller. Give me a damsel in distress, her alpha hero, hot scenes (that are very much about love & romance not just humping) & HEA and I'm in " Michelle V. on RecluseContents:Dirty Stranger: Stranded & Captured (Rachel & Xavier) Novel-length duetTowed (Vee & Logan) Short storyRecluse: Recluse Rancher & Ogre's Bride (Bess & Rafael) NovellaNaked Cave (Jinx, Ransom, Tyrell, & Wylie) #Why Choose? Novella All the delicious hunky attention is on her.These are complete high-heat romances with HEAs, no cheating, no cliffhangers. These curvy & alpha love stories were published under the titles listed. Two of the heroines are ...
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4.5 stars from 6 ratings
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