Clare Kauter
ASIN: B0951S97WT
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 289

She’ll clear his name of murder – if she doesn’t kill him first.Checkout-chick turned amateur sleuth Charlie Davies at your service. My nemesis has been accused of offing his billionaire uncle for an inheritance, and as much as I’d love to see James McKenzie rot in prison, there are two problems.One: He definitely didn’t do it. (Probably.)Two: In exchange for proving his innocence, he’ll pay up big. And I simply can’t resist his… cash. I have to find the killer somehow, because the reward money isn’t the only thing on the line. If I don’t catch the murderer before they catch me –I might just lose my head. Caution: Contains swearing, occasional inappropriate jokes and men with seriously hot surfaces. You have been warned.
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