Susan Goodwin
ASIN: B095245BBM
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 525

★★It’s not easy to be always mindful of what we put in our stomachs, given the big variety of food choices we are blasted with directly from the supermarket’s entrance.★★★★But once we face any kind of health-related issues, making the right choices is of utmost importance, especially when our lives are endangered…★★Our kidneys can try to give up on us, but we cannot give up on them...And You Won’t!Whatever Your Situation Is, You Can Reverse The Process By Only Changing A Few Things In Your Diet, Beginning With Your Standard Food Choices...Meals That Are Low On Potassium, Sodium, And Phosphorus Are Kidney-Friendly And Will Help You Bring Back The Calmness And Joy In Your Life.Leave The Rest To This Cautious Renal Diet Recipe Book!With This Cookbook at your disposal, you will:Understand The Importance And Benefits Of The Renal Diet and how exactly to follow its guidelines (for maximum ...
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