Val Saintcrowe
Publisher: Punk Rawk Books
Pages: N/A

Six of Crows meets Lore OlympusSefoni Rience needs a thief. Her cousin the queen has been tricked into giving up a bracelet, and if that bauble is found in the wrong hands, the queen’s reputation will be left in tatters. To get the bracelet back, she wants to hire Haid Vortinen, criminal mastermind, disgraced nobleman, sometimes known as the Lord of the Dead.Haid agrees to steal back the bracelet, but only if Sefoni agrees to marry him.Haid explains that she is the final piece to his master work—the perfect heist. He needs her at his side to complete it. Once it is done, he’ll retire and never steal again.Sefoni’s not inclined to help the Lord of the Dead and his four other team members—a strumpet, a strongman, a lock picker, and their getaway driver—commit robbery.But then, Haid’s not inclined to give her a choice.When he publicly casts aspersions on her reputation, she’s ruined. Her ...
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