Stephanie Dickenson
ASIN: B095J1L455
Publisher: Kallisto Gaia Press
Pages: 240

Perpetrator – Bystander – VictimAs a 20-year old, Krystal Riordan watched as her violent boyfriend/pimpbeat an 18-year old woman to death in a vermin-infested hotel room.Could she have stopped it? Would she be next?In 2010, when the average sentence for murder was 24 years, shewas sentenced to 30 years, for failing to intervene. By law, she mustserve 85% of her sentence before she’s considered eligible for parole.Studies suggest that many women who don’t attempt to stoptheir partner from committing a violent crime often serve moreprison time than the perpetrator.What does it take to survive in a maximum securitylockdown for thirty years? Is it possible to thrive? An illuminating account of a somber world behind bars. – Kirkus ReviewsPart memoir, part true crime, and part meditation on the resilience of the human spirit, Razor Wire Wilderness is penned with precision and grace. Due to ...
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