Paul Teresi
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 218

Chicago is home to some of the most brilliant improvisational theatres in the world. There’s one golden rule all performers follow: Never say no. Always say Yes And…Lilly is a brilliant comedic actress. A rising star with nothing in her way. When the anxieties from personal tragedies cripple the actress’s grip with everyday life, she slips into a reclusive pattern that ultimately leaves her suffering from agoraphobia. Bordering on insanity, she now performs monologues every night in her apartment living room in front of an audience she painted on the wall. Her only hope to return to the life she once had is the hilariously reluctant, yet heartfelt friendship she begins with Lee, a washed-up writer who moves in next door.Desperate for a creative challenge, Lee requests to Lilly that he film a documentary on her journey back to live theatre. Lilly agrees with one condition ... don't fall ...
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