Lexy Timms
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 262

If the plan doesn't work, change the plan but never the goal.Owen King is a hitman with a conscious.He only takes jobs that eliminate the worst of the worst of the human population. When he gets a request to take out a gorgeous young woman from a notorious drug dealer with ties to the cartel, something doesn't feel right.The dealer claims Steph Baker is a spy with knowledge of Owen's business aren't adding up. Owen digs into her background and gets to know her better.Unspoken Rule of the Game: never fall for the woman you're supposed to kill.Owen knows time is running out and if he doesn't finish the job, someone else will.Billionaire Hitman Series:Book 1 – The HitBook 2 – The JobBook 3 – The Run
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4 stars from 11 ratings
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