Bridget Bishop
ASIN: B095M4Z8J1
Publisher: Hentopan Publishing
Pages: 163

Do you want to bring a little magic into your life?Crystals have been used magically for thousands of years, and now you can learn how to use their magic for yourself. Whether you consider yourself a witch, a shaman, a pagan, or just find yourself attracted to the energy that emanates from these natural wonders, you can use the magical techniques and spells in this book to change your life.This book covers everything you need to get started with crystal magic, including:Essential Crystals - A list of the most powerful and useful crystals for magicCrystals and Chakras - How they work together for magic and healingBoosting Crystal Magic - Magic crystal grids to amplify their powerAnd much more!This book includes over 50 spells using crystals to heal, find love, and prosper. Each spell includes simple step-by-step instructions that a beginner can follow, and use ingredients that are easy ...
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