Gary Hill
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 171

Do you want to know how to read people? Can you decode their body language and uncover their true intentions? Do you want to master your communication and find the winning edge to influence them?ARE THEY LYING OR NOT? Strip off their masks and REVEAL their SECRETS!Is it possible to analyze people without them saying a word? Well, it is…Why would anyone want to do it? Not only to gain an insight into the way people think, how they feel so you can respond appropriately to the situation, but also to see the sense of their reaction.Get inside people's heads without them knowing.The ability to analyze people is an important social and professional skill that most people covet, but few can master. Analyzing people's faces and body language will help you understand them, how their emotions work, see if they are lying, and maybe see why. Are they insecure in your company?Think for a second. ...
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