Carla Esperanza
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 132

THIS BOOK IS AVAILABLE FOR FREE FOR A SHORT TIME. IF YOU LIKE THIS BOOK, CHECK OUT IT'S SEQUEL - SKIRTS AND HEELS 2 - OUT NOW!!!Set in the early 2000’s, Jeremy Clarkson is a desperate man. He took an ill-advised joy-ride in a stolen car a few years ago which landed him in jail. That would have been punishment enough but as an ex-con no-one wants to hire him once he gets out. Having no money left, he is made an offer than he can’t refuse. He can work for the demanding boss of an exciting new fashion house. She is willing to give him a chance but she does have some mysterious conditions. Jeremy, though has no choice and agrees. Little does he know, that the mysterious conditions involve him getting rid of his scruffy beard and dirty torn jeans for the dainty makeup and low-cut dresses of a fashion model. Jeremy goes along with the ruse initially – it can’t be worse than starving to death. ...
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