Ben Dunn
Publisher: Book Burn Publishing; 1st edition (May 22, 2021)
Pages: 241

A woman returns to London looking for revenge and a way to die. Crawling back into the world of organised crime her murdered husband left behind, she seeks those that killed him and a chance at redemption. She faces childhood demons and past loves on her violent way to finding peace for her own misdeeds.He wants a way to ease into death. His past is violence, his present is hurt and his future leads only to destruction. He owes a debt to people he loved. A meaning to exist comes from his murderous past.In The Name Of by Ben Dunn: unforeseen revenge and redemption REVIEW driven woman returns to avenge her husband’s death. An old flame endures brutality and unrequited love. Together they face a terrifying ordeal of life or death. In The Name Of introduces us to two most unlikely heroes, or should I say anti-heroes. Charlotte, a slender but lethal woman driven by the ...
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