Kitan love
Publisher: unknown
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“So Romantic And Beautifully Written!!!!This is the most beautiful love story I've ever read! Even though I know this story have to come to an end. It has been such a pleasure to read, I wish it would continue... Well Done!!!I'm scoring this one at a minimum of 20-orgasms.” – Queen2019“Absolutely amazingThis is a fantastic love story, with some amazing sex scenes wound in. I thoroughly enjoyed it, or them - the two young ladies and their journey. I wish there was more of this style on here. And that's from a red blooded country boy” – Love88“What a wonderful love storyThank you for sharing this lovely love story with us.This is definitely some of the best writing I have read here at Amz! Please keep up the good work.”- Janice1820“thank youThis is a truly beautiful story I am so glad I came a cross it and very grateful to you for opening yourself up and sharing this wonderful story you ...
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