Stina Kerans
Publisher: Offgridz Pty Ltd
Pages: N/A

CAN’T BUY PROPERTY? A new and revolutionary model of housing Inspiring and empowering; a ‘how-to’ tool Numerous advantages to wannabe eco-village homeowners Strong, secure and predictable return to investors The last 120 years show us how, on average, the price of property—this king of assets—has doubled every decade. If this pattern continues, the wealth inequality gap will rapidly widen, increasing stress, anxiety, depression, hopelessness, suicides, domestic violence cases, loneliness, and homelessness. Billions of dollars spent by the government and charities on mainstream band-aid solutions can’t meet the increasing need. Presently half the population suffers from some sort of mental issue in their life. Would you wish to lean heavily on your support network if you encountered any unexpected crisis? Would you like to live in the security of an eco-village? In our sustainable past ...
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