Nadia Nightside
Publisher: unknown
Pages: N/A

“I can be young and beautiful and rich forever…and I just have to sell you my soul?”As an immortal entity of demonic lust, my life is pretty grand. I corrupt good girls all day long by convincing them that the only way they can live their lives is by erotically servicing me in every way possible. They never resist—I break their wills and take their souls for all eternity.Recently, I found my own evil version of a soulmate—a gorgeous, hyper-fertile demon babe named Portia who I turned into my own personal succubus. She’s so in love with me that she would damn millions just to make me smile. And while I was getting a little tired of good girls, she’s got this crazy plan up her sleeve to give me even more worshipers like herself, and I can hardly say no to another demon beauty servicing my immortally hard member…WARNING: This story features an incredibly evil protagonist—an actual demon ...
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