Juliana Wight
ASIN: B0963W48WS
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 390

She had to become a man to discover her female power…To society, Laura Hamilton is an obedient Lady. No one suspects she harbors a secret desire to escape the marriage forced upon her. And, in a moment of desperation, she makes a risky move.She cuts off her hair and assumes the identity of a young lad. Now she can easily get lost in the unknown.Erskine McCallum is keen on leaving London behind and return to his beloved Scotland. After saving a weak boy from the hands of brigands, he offers his protection and a safe passage to Inverness.However, Erskine finds himself drawn to the lad in ways that feel very… peculiar. But thankfully, underneath the boy's clothes, there is a beautiful lass. And the man she is running from could cause big trouble for his clan. While logic dictates to deliver her back to her father, there's something about her that stirs more than his desire for peace.As ...
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