Leslie Hales
ASIN: B0963Y49V5
Publisher: unknown
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After her parents’ death, Linda Mackay managed to get her life together while caring for her sister. However, everything is thrown off track again, when her fiancé leaves her just before their wedding. Since then, she’s been left questioning her self-worth and now she can’t even do the one thing she does best: write her next book. When her best friend, Ella, invites her and her sister to Wisconsin, Linda jumps at the chance, thinking it will help her move forward. As she approaches the town, lost in her thoughts, she is pulled over by a rude deputy for speeding. In an unexpected twist of fate, she soon discovers that he is good friends with Ella’s husband, and before she even realizes it, she finds herself drawn to him. Will she be able to open up and allow herself to heal from the past, giving love a second chance? Shawn Parker loves being a policeman and he is also very proud of the ...
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