Devon Knott
Publisher: Elevated Publishing
Pages: 48

Oh, you want dinner to be convenient?You’re up for cooking it, but not the planning and preparation? What a drag it is maintaining a large inventory of fresh ingredients on hand, and if you don’t, then that’s an extra trip to the store.The grocery store is busy and you abhor the self-service registers, let alone with a cartful of items.Ok, so you’ve got all the ingredients you could possibly need this week, but now what recipe?"What's for dinner?" The question everyone asks, but no one wants to hear. There has got to be an easier way!Well, there is. Have a kit delivered to your door like clockwork containing all the ingredients necessary to cook a preselected delicious-looking meal, all from home on your phone or computer? Uhmm, YES PLEASE!But, if something seems too good to be true...Let's take a step back and consider a few things about a meal kit service:Cost: Quite expensive ...
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