Melynda Carlyle
ASIN: B0965RNZ72
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 388

Is love strong enough to claim the bounty of happiness hidden deep in their hearts?Old loves die hard, and old habits die harder. Sebastian Breen finds both these statements to be true. Unable to forget his long-gone love, he runs from his past, severing ties with his former life as a bounty hunter. He puts up a Mail Order Bride ad, convinced that his new, quiet life as a rancher shall be enough to please any woman who will reply. When Amelia Ridell arrives at his door along with her sister Bianca, however, Sebastian’s world will be shaken to its foundations. Amelia seems a great lady, yet Sebastian can recognize a tormented, haunted soul when he sees one. Still, he chooses no to pry and Amelia chooses not to reveal to him that she has sought him out as a Bride to make sure she will be protected from the man that killed her parents.Love begins to once again warm up Sebastian’s soul as ...
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