Susan Balogh
Publisher: Wishmore Wellness (May 30, 2021)
Pages: 141

If you had everything you wanted right now, how would you be acting? What would you be thinking about? More importantly, how would you be feeling? How limitless and free would you feel? Imagine playing the part. You’re already there. You’re feeling it. You’re living and breathing it. You’re being it. And doing it easily and effortlessly, and having the time of your life the whole way through.In playing this magical game of make believe you align with the energy that is manifesting your dreams...You’re playing the role of the person who has received everything you asked for. You might even say it’s like taking your life’s vision or even your vision board and acting it out until it becomes who you are. It’s instilled in the forefront of your mind and you become so aligned with it that it has no choice but to materialize. You are destined to be a more active participant in creating your ...
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