James Wolf
Publisher: James Wolf
Pages: 122

Desperate to get back to that job that you really love, that fulfills you both spiritually and emotionally?Can't wait to wake up in the morning and look at the awe-inspiring view of the house opposite?Excited to listen to the joyous sound of next door's dog barking all weekend?Are you yearning for a life less ordinary?Then it sounds like you're ready to set off toward your new life on the open road.Every new adventure starts with just one step. Imagine the joy of watching a different sunset every evening, just because you can. Think about the feeling of freedom you'd get having no mortgage and no utility bills to pay.Combine this with the ability to travel whenever the urge takes you, and you can begin to picture how satisfying the future could be. 
 My name is James. My many years of being an obsessive RV enthusiast have taught me everything I know about RV Living and inspired me to ...
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