Mark Lanyon
Publisher: Hathi House (June 6, 2021) Publication date : June 6, 2021 Language : English File size : 1307
Pages: 444

How do you respond to the deteriorating health of a loved one? How do you move forward towards their impending death?Honest, deeply personal and thought-provoking, Who Stole Grandma? is written not as a handbook on End of Life, but as a life-affirming call for each of us to relish the time that remains.At the start of 2007, Mark Lanyon's sister declared that she could no longer care for their ailing mother Moosh. So began the most challenging and the most enriching period in Mark's life, as he strove to support a mother who was losing her strength, her independence and her treasured role as hands-on grandmother.Interwoven with the pain, there was time for Mark and Moosh to forge an even stronger relationship and to find the funny in the face of adversity. Mark shares key moments in Moosh's final years; the trials, tribulations and mini-triumphs; the expected heartbreak and unanticipated ...
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